I haven't received OTP/SMS but status is delivered. Why has this fault/error occurred?

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As per GSM technology, delivery get acknowledged through handset only so chances of fake delivery in GSM does not happen. Still there are chances of Sender ID blocked / or specific content is being filtered in handset due to which message might not be showing in the inbox. These cases occurs more in smartphones because of antivirus applications or SMS block features.  

Recheck of Handset policies and firewall setting can resolve such issues. Most of the time handset restarts works as solution for this case. Further Customer IT Team or ValueFirst team may perform live SMS testing if issue still unresolved.

These are peculiar cases & investigation is being done case to case basis. Based on ValueFirst experience  below are the possible reason/ solution :
• Check your device for failures, restart the device
• Check blacklists and spam filters of the device
• Remove third-party software for working with SMS, installed on the device& use default SMS APP for delivery.
• In case of Multi-SIM device, make sure that this sim card is active