What are the Best Practices need to be kept in mind while registering a template?

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1.     Please add your Brand name in your communication template. VFIRST or ValueFirst can be Brand Name of ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

2.     Accordingly changes should be done into your applications as well.

3.     Exact text should match from your application to ValueFirst to the DLT Platform.

4.     Only Approved Templates should be uploaded on ValueFirst MIS Portal.

5.     Header Mapping against each template should be verified. Incase ‘X’ header is mapped on DLT platform with a ‘Y’ text, then it should be used accordingly. If you wish to use any other header, Changes on the DLT platform should be done accordingly.

6.     Variable length in the text should not exceed 30 characters.

7.     If you need to use more than 30 characters in a variable, please apply variables accordingly.

8.     Ensure to submit English text without doing any content encoding.