What are the possible reasons of SMS failure?

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There are multiple reasons of SMS delivery failures. Operator SMSC do provide long list of error codes for failed messages. Based on error descriptions, ValueFirst maps these different errors with Standard error codes for better visibility of failure. Below are the brief details of failure:

1. Invalid number (VF Response code :001)- - Mobile number not correct or temporarily disconnected by operator or network provider.

2. Absent Subscriber (VF Response code :002) - Either the customer handset is switched off or out of network range.It happens when the number is not reachable or in poor network area or Switched off and flight mode at the time of message submission.   

 3. Memory Capacity Exceeded  (VF Response code :003) - Mobile Inbox is Full and handset memory is full.This is purely a handset related concern as memory of SMS gets full.

4. Mobile Equipment Error  (VF Response code :004) - Either the equipment is unknown, illegal or the equipment is not short message equipped or The device does not have facility to receive the SMS.

 5. Network Error (VF Response code :005)- Either it is Delivery failure, far end network error or paging response, temporary network are not available.It happens when there are network issues or network fluctuation/ network congestion at the subscriber’s network end. Another reason of network error can be no acknowledgement from recipient network for terminated message.

 6. Barring  (VF Response code :006)- Call/ SMS barred at operator end.We get this error, when Call/ SMS services are barred at operator end due to non payment of bills or during Porting Process SMS services get barred for 48-96 Hours.

 7. NDNC (VF Response code :009)- Number Failed with DND error. Applicable only with promotional account.

 8. Misc Error/ unknown Error  (VF Response code :0010) - An unknown error or other miscellaneous errors received from the operator. SMSC Error description is technical in nature or failure reasons not shared by the operator or it can be for international number where operator does not provide GSM error code of failure however, Below are few example of this error. Unspecified error cause, Abort Cause, unknown Alphabet, BAD_CONTENTS, Data parsing error at GMSC, Unknown error from SMSC/ HLR etc.

A part from above generic failure customer may face delivery during while travelling or in international roaming. In case customer is in international roaming failure mayhappen due to recipient network agreements/handshaking for that country.