What are various reasons for flagging and solutions?

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1.Confirm policy compliance : Are you following WhatsApp Business and Commerce Policies?_

2.Determine problematic templates: Have new templates been added within the last 7 days? Has a specific template’s volume increased significantly?

3.Confirm user opt-in: Are templates being used without user opt-in?

4.Avoid sending open-ended welcome messages: Are messages personalized and contextual? When reconnecting with a customer, are you providing information to show a previous engagement?

5.Be mindful of messaging frequency: Are you sending too many messages to a user in a day?

6.If you are using a bot, Optimize bot behavior: What is the resolution time to adequately address users’ inquiries? Is there a human escalation path to support quality bot interactions?

To be more proactive, we encourage you to monitor your Quality Rating. When the Quality Rating is "Flagged", you will receive a notification in your Business Manager and via email. Use this signal to proactively evaluate the tips above and take steps to avoid getting rate limited.

For more information, visit https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/api/rate-limits