Who can register as a Principal Entity? What are the functions of a Principal Entity?

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As per the regulation, it is mandatory for every entity to register on DLT platform for transmission of commercial communication.

Classification of Principal Entity are:

i. Individual

ii. Sole Proprietor

iii. Partnership Firm

iv. Private/ Public/ Govt. Limited Company

v. Limited Liability Partnership

vi. Trust, Association, Security & Club (TASC)

vii. Govt. Entity

Functions of a Principal Entity:

i. Register with Operator's DLT platform by submitting business documents.

ii. Select a Registered Telemarketer (RTM) and choose to give permission to perform functions on its behalf.

iii. Acquire consents from consumers (mobile subscribers) through SMS, Web or Mobile App and upload them on DLT platform.

ii. Register all it Headers and Templates on the platform through its login

iii. Use the selected RTM to send communication (SMS and Voice)